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Want Sophistication? Buy Jewish jewelry online now!

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The presence of jewelries in the society has always been consistent. It has been here since the ancient times and has been used for several purposes: for religion, for social relations, and for aesthetics. It is used by men and women alike and has been owned across economic stratum: from slaves to the royalties.

If we are to follow the importance of jewelries in our lives, we could infer that its importance will rank somewhere between the social needs and self-esteem needs in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This is because it emphasizes and actualizes our current social standing and economic powers which are needed for self-actualization.

There are several types of jewelries, especially Jewish ones. Here are some of them.

For the hands

The hand is one of the most used and most visible part of our body. We could definitely use it if we want to make a statement about who we are. There are several choices if you want to buy Jewish jewelry online. Some of them include:

  • The bracelets are good ornaments for the wrist. It emphasizes your skin tone and for girls, their feminine beauty. There are several types of bracelets. Some of them include charm bracelet which is has a lot of pendants, or “charms” on it. The most common pendants would have the design of the Star of David and Hebrew letters.
  • The fingers, on the other hand, tell us mostly of our commitments. Take for example marriage rings. It is places on the left four digit because anatomically speaking, the vein on that part is the one closest to the heart. There are also purity rings, promise rings, and engagement rings. One of the most famous Jewish designs would be the rings that have jeweled golden Hoshen.

For the neck

Necklaces are great if you want to emphasize your neck. If girls are to wear this with dresses that have a low-cut in the front, it also adds appeal to the cleavage or the breast. There are several types of necklaces. Some of them have a chain and has a single pendant on it. There are also large beads that are connected together. There are also chains that have several pendants on it that are spaced evenly. One of the Jewish designs available on the market are those that have wavy Chai as the pendants. There are also Mezuzah and Sterling pendants for people who prefer bigger sizes of charms.

For the ears

Earrings are one of the best accessories to wear for girls if they have their hair up or for hairdos that show their ears. It looks enchanting and adds a new aura to the overall appearance of the ladies. Earrings could have dangling designs, locked design, or simple ones wherein the jewel will not go beyond the lobes’ length. You could have designs of Kabbalah (Evil Eye) or Ahava (Love) if you want that Jewish sophistication/

Buy Jewish jewelry online to create a sophisticated statement.



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